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SOSS: A sustainability license for our open source projects

A license fee for open source? No reason to panic: Our projects MapProxy, Imposm and Magnacarto are open source and they will stay open source. You can use them in commercial projects, you can read, modify and extend the source code and you can install our software on as many servers as you like. This won't change and you won't have to pay license fees for that.

However, we are now offering you to purchase a Sustainability-Open-Source-Software License – SOSS License – for our open source projects.

The SOSS License is a sustainability license with the goal to fund the long-term development of our open source projects.

Your benefits from a SOSS License

Technology and standards are evolving and only a project that gets continuous development can be a powerful solution in the future. However, maintenance and development of open source costs money. Therefore we are asking users of our software to purchase a commercial license to help funding this long-term development.

With the license you will make sure that the software you are relying on gets active maintenance and new development: Bugs get quicker resolved, with frequent releases. New features that will keep you whole system up-to-date.

But that's not all. As a licensee you will also be able to steer the future development. You can choose multiple points where you want to see new development. The more licensees support a single point, the faster the development will proceed.

You should consider purchasing a SOSS License

  • if our software makes your live easier
  • if our software saves your company or agency time and money or
  • if our software is part of your business

and of course, if you have an interest in the future development of our software.

We hope that you are now interested in our sustainability licenses. You will find more information on our homepage.

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