In March 2010 we published MapProxy as an open source software. Since then, we actively support the project and develop it further.

On behalf of our customers or within projects we develop MapProxy. If MapProxy needs additional functions for your puroporse, please contact us. Togehter we will analyze your task. We will also create official MapProxy releases, if neccessary. Thus you can benefit from the new functions quickly and easily.

  • Development and documentation of new functions
  • Create new releases
  • Development of interfaces

Besides the further development of MapProxy, we also offer individual extensions around the topic of MapProxy. For instance, we develop interfaces for the communication between MapProxy and already existing user databases. With the help of MapProxy such interfaces then can be used to protect services.


We advice our clients in the configuration, the installation and in production operation of their MapProxy installation. The broad function scope in MapProxy enables you to modify numerous settings and optimizations. Benefit form our experiences and our know-how.

Even in a software with more than 1000 system tests errors may occur. As Omniscale's support customer your reports are of high priority and receive preferential treatment. If requested, we additionally offer short-term workarounds and create new MapProxy releases.

Demands on support are highly diversified. Therefore we offer various support packages for various targets. Besides the support via phone and email, it is for example also possible to receive support via web conference.

  • Advice in configuration, installation & production operation
  • Support via email, telephone or web conference
  • Fixing bugs and and short term workarounds

Furthermore, you actively support further development of MapProxy with the acquisition of support. Please, feel free to contact us. We are happy to send you further information about our support packages.


The range of MapProxy's responsibility is high. In order to understand and configurate MapProxy, we offer customized workshops. Topics refer to existing questions and is adjusted to your individual technical prerequisites. In a two day seminar you will learn for exapmle how to accelerate your GDI and how to provide your data in a safe way.

Your MapProxy workshop or your MapProxy seminar might include the following topics:

  • Installation of MapProxy on your system
  • Basic configuration and integration of WMS as sources (local WMS)
  • Labelling problems(Usage of the parameters "meta_size" and "meta_buffer")
  • Strategies for the configuration of the caching (tile size, quality and resolution)
  • Development of adjusted seeding-strategies