Imposm is an importer for OpenStreetMap data. It reads XML and PBF files and can import the data into PostgreSQL/PostGIS databases. It is designed to create databases that are optimized for rendering/WMS services.

For example the basemap of the Broadband Atlas is based on OpenStreetMap data. Omniscale processed the OpenStreetMap data with the help of Imposm and designed a map style that fits in the cooperate design of the Federal Ministry.


  • Custom database schemas
    Imposm creates tables for different data types. This allows easier styling and better performance for rendering in WMS or tile services.
  • Localized names
    Look for localized names in a configurable order (e.g. name:de, name:en, int_name, name).
  • Unify values
    Imposm is able to convert values to a unique type to improve consistency.
  • Generalized tables
    Imposm can automatically create tables with lower spatial resolutions, perfect for rendering large road networks in low resolutions for example.
  • and much more....

More informationen about Imposm are available at:


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