Omniscale OpenStreetMap Service

We provide processed OpenStreetMap spatial data for desktop systems and web applications with our Omniscale OpenStreetMap map service.

We created a custom map design. Special attention was given to an uncluttered and clean representation. The services are particularly suited for the presentation with additional information. They can be used as background maps for the location analyses, Geomarketing or for the visualization of network, power and pipeline systems.

Our map services provide worldwide coverage based on OpenStreetMap. The data is updated live and all changes to OpenStreetMap are immediately available for you.

Areas of application

Our OpenStreetMap services can be used for a wide range of applications. We have clients in all fields of business:

  • National and international trading companies (e.g. Geomarketing, location planning and property management)
  • National network operators and public utility organizations (e.g. visualization of wire and pipe networks within GIS applications)
  • Online applications (e.g. background maps in the broadband atlas)

Benefit from our worldwide maps from OpenStreetMap

Webmercator projection is optional: Use any projection, at any scales

Attractive and modern design. Choose the layers you need.

For high quality printing, we also offer our maps in high resolution