Benefit from Omniscale's experience

We are specialized in the developement of modern applications and software solutions based on open source software. Besides services for our own open source projects, we develop individual software and offer specific services relating to OpenStreetMap.

We have extensive know-how in the field of processing, visualization and deployment of OpenStreetMap data. This is reflected for example in the development of Imposm, an OpenSource tool to import OSM data.

In addition, we have years of experience in the installation and maintenance of spatial data infrastructures based on open source software. The following server-based software solutions are used in our projects:

  • Map server: Mapnik, MapServer
  • Geodatabases: PostgreSQL, PostGIS
  • Geo-Tools: GDAL, OGR, GEOS, Shapely and Fiona

We also develop modern mapping applications for mobile and desktop based on OpenLayers, Leaflet or Google Maps.