WebGIS Solutions

We develop web applications to bring your data into the web. We focus on modern presentations and high usability.

The applications are tailored to your individual requirements: From a simple location visualization to complex geo-portals with access control.

We solve your spatial challenges!

  • We visualize your point information on maps based on OpenStreetMap.
  • We generate modern on-line maps with your spatial data.
  • We put your existing aerial images or analogue maps and plans on the Internet.
  • We integrate your existing OGC services.

We also develop individual functions and solutions such as search services for parcel/plot numbers, measurement and query tools, print services to create high-resolution maps or GDI-compliant integration of your own map services.

Mobile Applications

The importance of mobile devices increases day by day. Besides classic web development we also have experience in developing and optimizing map applications for mobile devices.

Our applications support allow pinch-zooming with your finger and tracking of your current position with GPS and Wifi-Networks.

Additionally, maps themselves are subject to special requirements. The maps need to be provided for a perfect representation in a higher quality for modern smartphone displays (e.g. Retina/Hi-DPI). As an example for a simple application we adjusted our OpenStreetMap demo also for mobile devices.

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